Emily Duesing

Operations and Office Coordinator


Emily Duesing is our Operations and Office Coordinator, based in Proteus’ Minneapolis office.  Both the Director of Operations and the Client Experience team rely on her for administrative support. Emily has an innate ability to find useful connections between ideas, and she applies her analytical skills in a way that prioritizes the well-being of others.  Her expertise in navigating complex systems enables her to deliver practical results for her team and clients.

In the five years prior to joining Proteus, Emily worked in mental health and human services. She used all her human and organizational skills to streamline processes with the primary objective of reducing burnout within her organization

Emily graduated from Augsburg University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and Psychology.  During her undergraduate studies, Emily completed a research project that examined the impact of visual art on compassion. Her interest in the subject reflects the values she holds dear in her work and personal life. As an artist, a scientist, and an administrator, Emily uses her curiosity and creativity to shape her perspectives.

Emily lives with her partner and three rescue chihuahuas in Minneapolis.  She is involved with her neighborhood community garden, as well as volunteering with people who have been previously incarcerated through her partner’s work at Emerge Enterprises—Second Chance Recycling.

Contact info

  •  612.926.9627
  • emily@proteus-international.com