Kishauna DeCarmo

Kishauna DeCarmo

Service Delivery Associate


Kishauna is the Service Delivery Associate for Proteus. Kishauna’s experience includes providing operational, logistical and project management support within training, media, and banking industries.

Before joining Proteus, Kishauna worked at the non-profit organization that created Sesame Street, where she assisted a small team with administrative assistance, events planning, and logistical support for the in-house store. Kishauna used her interest and skills in graphic arts to design the employee handbook, create promotional materials, and enhance the company’s intranet site. She was instrumental in developing the internship program, and she aided the department with managing the in-house temp pool. While Kishauna adored Elmo, her favorite Sesame Street personality was Kami – the character who was created to help educate African girls about HIV and AIDS.

Kishauna later went on to work at News Corporation and Barclays Capital; fast-paced environments where she further sharpened her skills. By supporting teams and senior officers within these companies, Kishauna learned how to multi-task, stay calm and focused under pressure, problem-solve, and manage complex tasks in a timely manner.

Kishauna brings a blend of unique skills and a very personable nature to the Proteus organization. She is a true team player who also has a desire to learn from her colleagues. Whether assisting a co-worker or client, or working with any of our Proteus partners, Kishauna will be focused on professionalism, respect and providing a great customer experience.

Kishauna graduated with an Associate degree in Digital Media, and has completed coursework toward a Bachelors degree in Business.

Contact info

  • 212.830.9870