About Proteus

Erika and Jeff

Proteus's History

Proteus grew out of a desire to help leaders get ready for the future. Since our start in 1990, we’ve been helping clients get clear about the future they want to create for themselves and then consistently choose the simplest, most feasible ways to make that future a reality.

Our practice has grown from two US-based consultants to almost 30 worldwide, supported by a talented and dedicated administrative staff—but our mission remains the same: to help clients clarify and move toward their hoped-for future.

We have the great privilege of working with clients all over the world; helping them improve their skills, define the future of their organizations, and work better together to achieve that future. And we take pride in practicing what we preach: as we help our clients move toward their hoped-for-future, we are doing the same for ourselves.

Creating a High Standard and Helping to Define the Future for Organizations




Instant Payoff Coaching

People will be able to use what we offer right away. They’ll benefit immediately from what they’ve learned.

How we fit in with the company culture

People will be able to use what they’ve learned without creating a “cultural backlash” within their organization.

Work smarter not harder

We’ll look for the simplest workable solutions to our client’s challenge–and we’ll help to implement them elegantly.

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What Our Clients are Saying