Erika Andersen


Erika is the founding partner of Proteus, a coaching, consulting, and training firm that focuses on leader readiness.

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Jeff Mitchell


Jeff, a partner and president of Proteus since 2000, helps executives and leadership teams envision the organization they hope to create, clarify the essentials of their most pressing challenges and create practical plans to make their vision a reality.

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Laird McLean

Laird partners with organizations to catalyze positive change through his expertise in organizational development, process improvement, and learning.

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Practice Director, Building Skills & Knowledge

Cathy has spent her career helping individuals and organizations develop the mindset, capabilities and insights they need to accelerate readiness, transform and grow.

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Therese Miclot

Director, Facilitation Excellence

Therese Miclot is the Director of Proteus’ Facilitation Excellence area. She works with organizations to improve the impact and quality of facilitated experiences.

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Christine Lane-Polk

Director of Finance

Christine is Proteus’ Director of Finance, working to assure that our own financial house is in order and that we’re responsive to our clients’ financial needs. Christine is highly skilled, thoroughly organized, passionate about streamlining process, and focused on serving both internal and external clients.

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Kathy Dore

Senior Advisor, Vision & Strategy

Kathy brings her own experience as a leader and deep understanding of what makes businesses work to her coaching practice—including how to create teams that can navigate through tough times to achieve success.

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Mike Rowe

Senior Advisor

Mike assists organizations undergoing dramatic change. He draws on more than two decades as a human resources executive across a variety of industries to provide focused advice, insights, and tools to senior executives.

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Benita advises organizations and their leaders on how to execute their vision and motivate their teams to achieve world class results, creating a legacy of achievement and impact.

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Senior Advisor

Marie Holive brings two decades of experience as an inspirational leader and successful executive to her coaching practice. In her former roles, she delivered the digital transformation of a global business, successfully led culture change, and drove double-digit profit growth. Skilled at identifying people’s strengths and matching them with the needs of the business, she again and again created a shared vision and inspired her team to achieve it.

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Believing in something; acting on that belief...

At Proteus, we’re confident we’re serving our clients well when we demonstrate these beliefs through our actions.

  • Our work is judged by how well we help our clients build their business.
  • If people can see the true shape of a problem, they can solve it.
  • Teams thrive only with high trust, common vision, and consonant values.
  • When people feel capable and powerful, they can learn and change.
  • Listening is the foundation of success.