Supporting leaders, their teams and their organizations to clarify and drive needed change

Vision & Strategy

A collaborative approach that engages leadership teams in creating a clear vision for the future and building a practical plan for achieving it.

What: We use our Being Strategic model as the foundation for a two-day session with the client team, where they clarify their hoped-for future and then determine strategies and tactics for achieving it. After the session we support clients in implementing their plan and sustaining team engagement.

Why: Clients use this process to ensure that everyone in their organization is moving in the same direction. Starting with the senior team and moving outward, strategic visioning helps companies create a clear and compelling hoped-for future, one that each person is committed to achieving.

Who: The vision and strategy process will help any organization become better able to articulate and achieve its goals, and to take full advantage of the intelligence, energy, and commitment of all its members.

How: This process starts with individual interviews with participants, followed by an intensive small-group facilitated session (which can be conducted over 2 days in-person or through a series of 2 to 4-hour virtual sessions), followed by implementation support, either in-person or virtually.

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Process Excellence

A collaborative approach to improve your processes, often in transformational ways, to serve your customers, your employees and your business.

What: We collaborate with our clients to identify the greatest opportunities to improve process to achieve tangible business results.

Why: Reliable, efficient, repeatable, and scalable processes that deliver a unique customer experience directly translate into tangible business outcomes such as improved customer satisfaction, cycle time, cost, and quality, ultimately resulting in increased revenue and profit.

Who: If you find your organization struggling to meet customer needs, mired in confusion about roles and responsibilities, constantly engaged in maddening rework, or always rushing to keep up with demand, you’re a strong candidate for Process Excellence.

How: We facilitate a journey of mutual discovery, prioritization and implementation working with those who know your business and its processes the best—your employees who work in the process. We help them see their work through the lens of Lean principles and Human-centered Design, making the current process, with its pain points and waste, visible, and co-creating a future-state process to better serve your customers and your business. Strong internal ownership from beginning to end means improvements are more readily implemented and adopted resulting in speed to value.

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Support for planning, implementing, and adopting change to achieve future success and make any organization more change capable.

What: We support clients to envision, plan, execute, and adopt needed change in a way that minimizes disruption and yields hoped-for results. We work on both the “hard-wiring” and the human elements using our Five-Step Change Model and a variety of tools and processes honed over two decades of supporting organizations through change.

Why: Underestimating the need for clarity, alignment, and buy-in can make major changes much more difficult—or can make them fail. Aligning leaders, individuals, and the organization around the change will ease the required shifts and help ensure that the organization can achieve its envisioned future.

Who: We work in this area with organizations experiencing rapid growth; in situations where a change in vision, business model, or senior leadership is underway; and during consolidation after a merger or acquisition.

How: Custom consulting engagements based on in-depth collaborative diagnosis of the organization followed by support for agreed-upon change efforts, ranging from several weeks to months. This work can done in-person, virtually, or using a hybrid approach.

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