All our work with clients is deeply practical. We’ve created approaches to building skills and changing mindset that allow managers and leaders to create authentic relationships, build strong teams and organizations, and get outstanding results.

Here you’ll find video or written introductions to most of our content. We’d love to help you discover how these approaches could work for you and your folks.

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Self-talk is our inner monologue, that “voice in our head” that can support or undermine our success.

Participants will learn a simple, powerful approach to making their own self-talk more accurate and useful. This module is recommended as a precursor to most Proteus courses.


Listening is the subtle superpower of great leaders. Participants will deepen their listening ability—to gather key information, make better decisions, and develop working relationships based on trust and respect.

This module is recommended as a precursor to Making Clear Agreements, Giving Feedback, and Leading Tough Conversations.

Making Clear Agreements

If you’ve ever made an agreement that you thought was solid only to find out later that you were misunderstood, or what happened was not what you expected, this is the module for you.

Participants will learn to make clear performance agreements that are mutually understood, specific, and doable.

Giving Feedback

Most employees want more feedback, yet most managers have a hard time giving it.

Participants in this module will learn skills for becoming more capable and comfortable in providing clear and balanced feedback that helps empower, motivate, and develop employees.


Delegation done skillfully is a win-win for all—your employees develop new capabilities and achieve new levels of success, and you’re freed to work on higher-level responsibilities.
Participants will learn a practical and proven approach for delegating that matches the scope of responsibility to the employees’ capability and motivation.

Tough Conversations

One reality of people management is the necessity of leading tough conversations that may be met with resistance or defensiveness.

Participants will learn the skill of managing tough conversations so that others can hear difficult messages—even when they’re defensive or don’t agree.

Be Bad First

The secret to being successful in today’s world, both personally and professionally, is being able to master new things quickly and continuously. That requires, among other abilities, a willingness to “be bad first.”

This course offers participants core mental skills for becoming a master of mastery—the kind of learner who can continue to reinvent and grow to meet the challenges of the future.


One of the most rewarding roles a manager plays is that of coach, yet many managers aren’t sure how to do it well.

Participants will hone their ability to develop talent by learning a skill-based model for helping others achieve their potential.

Be Followable

If you’ve ever wondered what defines a great leader, especially during challenging times, you’ll get the answers in this workshop. You’ll learn and practice skills and approaches that will help you grow as a leader and build from your strengths.

Leading So People Will Follow

As leaders, we want others to “sign up” for our leadership, so we can achieve great things together.

Participants in this module will find out the six attributes of fully accepted leaders and receive an individualized Accepted Leader Assessment. They’ll then decide how to leverage their strengths and address their growth areas to become more followable leaders.

The workshop is based on Erika Andersen’s book, Leading So People Will Follow, and supports participants to become fully followable leaders.

Participants explore the core attributes people look for in leaders and then learn practical skills and insights for developing these attributes. Finally, they create a personalized plan for using these skills to build on their strengths and address their growth areas.

High-Performance Teams

Most organizations rely on teams as their primary work unit; being able to build great teams is key to success.

In this course, participants diagnose their teams using the five characteristics of a high-performance team and develop a plan for working with their team members to achieve new levels of capability and success.

Politics, Power, and Influence

Whether we like it or not, every organization includes the realities of politics, power, and influence. This course offers insight and skills for dealing with these aspects of professional life in a high-integrity way.

Participants will learn to navigate organizational dynamics, increase their capacity to produce change, and establish their “personal legend”—all essential to building a successful career.

Being Strategic

As business gets more complex and fast moving, it becomes imperative for leaders to be able to chart a clear course for themselves, their teams, and their business.

The Being Strategic module helps participants think and act strategically, so they can define challenges, establish an accurate starting point for their efforts, envision a successful future, and then build a blueprint for achieving it.

In the workshop, participants first learn the Being Strategic process, a practical approach to thinking and acting strategically that they can use to improve their own results. Participants then work in groups to use the process with real business issues, so they leave the program able to engage a group in being strategic as well: envisioning a successful future, building a plan to achieve it, and executing on that plan.


The SOCIAL STYLE learning experience helps participants understand how differences between people impact work relationships—and what to do about it.

After receiving an individualized SOCIAL STYLE profile, participants learn and practice skills that will help them create more productive relationships with a wider variety of people.

Encouraging Excellence

Managing and developing others well requires the right mindset, as well as knowledge and skills beyond what most people learn in school or on the job.

In this program, participants build core skills needed to manage others well. Modules include: Self-Talk, Listening, Making Clear Agreements, Giving Feedback, and Delegating.

Leading With Impact

The “boot camp” for those wanting to build a full toolkit of people management and leadership skills, Leading with Impact is a five-day interactive, practice-oriented training focused on developing core capability for managing and leading others well.

Modules include: Self-Talk; SOCIAL STYLE; Politics, Power, and Influence; Listening; Making Clear Agreements; Giving Feedback; Delegating; High-Performance Teams; and Being Strategic.

Participants receive feedback via the SOCIAL STYLE profile.

Change from the Inside Out

Change from the Inside Out

A quick, practical training for people who need to lead others (mostly their own direct reports) through change. Participants work on their own, individual change situations and make plans to lead people through the transition.

The ProteusLeader Show


An Interactive workshop where participants develop a solid understanding of the factors that lead to transformational change, hear true stories of others’ transformational change and will develop a plan for transformational change of their own.