Facilitating groups of leaders to build critical skills and mindset through demonstration, practice and feedback

Management and Leadership Development

Practical, skill-based training that supports participants to better manage and lead.

What: We approach management and leadership development as something deeply practical. We’ve created approaches to building skills and changing mindset that allow managers and leaders to build strong relationships and get outstanding results.

Why: Clients select our management and leadership programs when they’re looking for a time-tested, cost-effective means to offer their managers and leaders skill development in key areas.

Who: Each of our modules can be tailored for a variety of audiences; we work closely with our clients to make sure that this learning is offered to the right people at the right time in the best way for them.

How: Interactive programs delivered in-person or virtually. Programs vary from several hours to multi-day experiences, depending on content.

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Jason Kent and Kate Payne

Custom Learning Services

Working with clients to create programs that target specific learning needs in specific contexts.

What: A collaborative approach to learning design that focuses on business success. We work with clients to assess what employees need in order to achieve the organization’s goals. Then we design and help implement training, tools, and support systems that ensure they’ll learn and apply the needed skills and knowledge.

Why: Clients use our custom learning services to target specific areas of learning that will have the highest pay-off for them. Offering critical skills and knowledge in a systematic and strategic way helps assure that participants learn and integrate important new behaviors.

Who: Custom Learning Services are especially useful for organizations whose employees require unique or complex skill sets or knowledge, or that want to build in organization- specific customized elements.

How: Proteus partners with you and key stakeholders through facilitated meetings to tailor a solution that meets your business objectives. Delivered in-person or virtually.

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Facilitation Excellence

An intensive, individualized framework for developing client instructors so they can facilitate learning and conversations that truly transform individuals and teams.

What: Using our Areas of Contribution approach, we work intensively with our client companies’ internal instructors to assure they have the skills and understanding they need to support real learning throughout the organization.

Why: The ultimate competitive advantage is the ability to learn and change faster than your competitors. Our approach to instructor quality helps organizations gain this advantage by assuring that internally-delivered training creates lasting learning and behavior change.

Who: Our facilitator excellence approach is especially useful for organizations that have made a significant investment in training and development, and want high returns on that investment.

How: Delivered as group workshop events or individual performance coaching—in-person or virtually. Programs vary from several hours to multi-day experiences, depending on content.

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