Vision and Strategy Process

A collaborative approach that engages leadership teams in creating a clear vision for the future and building a practical plan for achieving it.

What: We use our Being Strategic model as the foundation for a two-day session with the client team, where they clarify their hoped-for future and then determine strategies and tactics for achieving it. After the session we support clients in implementing their plan and sustaining team engagement.

Why: Clients use this process to ensure that everyone in their organization is moving in the same direction. Starting with the senior team and moving outward, strategic visioning helps companies create a clear and compelling hoped-for future, one that each person is committed to achieving.

Who: The vision and strategy process will help any organization become better able to articulate and achieve its goals, and to take full advantage of the intelligence, energy, and commitment of all its members.

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Accelerating Change

A framework for helping people and organizations get better at moving through change.

What: Starting from the understanding that now, in the 21st century, change is a constant, we help organizations develop the capability to evolve continuously and well.  We offer a frame for understanding how change works – both the nuts-and-bolts practical requirements, and the human impact – and then work with leaders to build clear plans and the necessary mindset and skills to guide their organization through change.

Why: Clients use this approach to build change capability within their organization in whatever ways are needed: from targeting specific leaders to become more capable change leaders, all the way to creating and executing complete change plans for complex organizational transitions.

Who: We work with leaders in organizations of all sizes who find themselves needing to drive significant change – especially those who want to make their organizations more capable of change overall; more change-positive and less change-resistant.

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Organization Effectiveness

Support for assessing, aligning and developing key human and organizational elements necessary to achieve future success.

What: We work with clients to assess and then align structure, systems, and processes with communication, culture, and leadership behaviors. We work on both the “hard-wiring” and the human elements to help ensure the organization can achieve the best business results through a skilled, focused, and motivated workforce.

Why: Under-estimating the need for clarity, alignment and communication can make major changes much more difficult – or even fail. Aligning key organizational, cultural and leadership factors will ease any transition and help ensure that the organization can achieve its envisioned future.

Who: We work in this area with organizations experiencing rapid growth; in situations where a change in vision, business model or senior leadership is underway; and during consolidation after a merger or acquisition.

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