Client Experience

Michelle Moser is a Client Experience team member, based in Proteus’ Minneapolis office. She has worked across various industries, and in a broad range of functional roles, including sales, finance, process-improvement and operations. The constant thread throughout her career has been a focus on delivering customer satisfaction.

Senior Advisor, Vision & Strategy

Kathy brings her own experience as a leader and deep understanding of what makes businesses work to her coaching practice—including how to create teams that can navigate through tough times to achieve success.

Senior Advisor

Mike assists organizations undergoing dramatic change. He draws on more than two decades as a human resources executive across a variety of industries to provide focused advice, insights, and tools to senior executives.

Senior Advisor

Cindy provides senior teams and executives with skills and understanding that enable them to determine where they want to go, create a strategy for getting there, and ultimately fulfill their potential to lead.

Simon Minett

Senior Advisor

Simon Minett is a senior Sales and Operations Executive with over 35 years of comprehensive experience in leadership roles in the global technology and services sales sector.

Practice Director, Executive Coaching

Cindy helps her clients understand their current impact and clarify their vision, then supports them to identify and make the strategic shifts in mindset, style and behavior that will most powerfully foster their success in achieving their hoped for futures—now, in their next role, and for years to come. 

Latin America Director

Iván is the Latin America Director for Proteus, leading our work in the region with multinationals and local corporations. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English, he can apply his expert skills as a facilitator, learning professional, and performance improvement consultant in a wide variety of business contexts.

Director, Facilitation Excellence

Therese Miclot is the Director of Proteus’ Facilitation Excellence area. She works with organizations to improve the impact and quality of facilitated experiences.

Senior Consultant

Jennifer Sherman is a seasoned executive coach, master trainer, and facilitator. She serves as a trusted partner and advisor to executives, managers, and business owners from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

Senior Consultant

Cari is a versatile facilitator, executive coach and consultant who builds relationships, breaks down complex issues to help find elegant solutions, and designs approaches that deliver results.