Cindy Franklin

Cindy Franklin

Practice Director, Executive Coaching


Cindy Franklin specializes in executive coaching and change management. She uses the tools of consultation, coaching, team building, and management training to help clients build workplace partnerships that yield superior results. She has worked with executives one-on-one, conducted strategic planning retreats and visioning sessions with senior executive staff, and facilitated sessions involving as many as 300 participants for large-scale change efforts.

A simple, unifying thread ties together all of Cindy’s work: She strives to leave her clients not just more capable and skilled, but also personally enriched and more in touch with their own passion and commitment at work.

Before beginning her work with Proteus, Cindy was the personnel director of an international nonprofit organization and completed graduate studies in organizational development.

She has consulted to the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations in curriculum development, training design, and facilitation, and has taught graduate students at American University and undergraduate students at New York University. Cindy’s work with corporate clients includes MillerCoors, MTV Networks, Nabisco, and NBCUniversal.

Cindy also uses the medium of writing to share her understanding and insight. She co-authored a piece titled The Effect of Values in Group Decision-Making, published in Pfeiffer and Company’s 1997 Annual, and has written an article entitled “Awakening Purpose and Vision,” published by MasteryWorks.

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