Cindy Franklin

Practice Director, Executive Coaching

Who is Cindy

As Director of Proteus’ Coaching Practice, Cindy focuses on elevating the contributions leaders make at work. She helps her clients understand their current impact and clarify their vision, then supports them to identify and make the strategic shifts in mindset, style and behavior that will most powerfully foster their success in achieving their hoped-for futures—now, in their next role, and for years to come. 

Cindy has over 20 years’ experience coaching senior executives in cable, tech, manufacturing, and many other industries and fields. Her coaching style is insightful and warmly supportive, but also constructively challenging. Leaders she works with have commented that they feel seen and respected for their strengths, aspirations and values; but also invited to move beyond and expand their “comfort zones.”  Cindy fosters self-awareness, situational awareness, clarity of intention, and the integration of emotional and cognitive learning with practical skill building.  As a result, leaders she works with expand their capacity to achieve their desired outcomes.

Cindy has a Master of Science in Organizational Development.  In her earlier career, she lived and worked in dramatically different contexts in the US, India and Europe; working with corporations, non-profit, educational, governmental, and religious organizationsPerhaps partly because of her own diverse background, clients often say Cindy is able to help them successfully see and navigate complex political networks, cultural differences and interpersonal dynamics at work.

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