Mike Rowe

Senior Advisor

Who is Mike

Mike Rowe assists organizations undergoing dramatic change. He draws on more than two decades as a human resources executive across a variety of industries to provide focused advice, insights, and tools to senior executives faced with challenges that have critical human resources implications.

Mike’s expertise and leadership have been sought by organizations experiencing rapid growth and expansion, and others forced to refocus their business model after a slowdown or major change event. His ability to assess the key issues that impact organization effectiveness and then develop a successful “people plan” to align structure, systems, process, people, and culture makes him an invaluable resource. And few have his gift for addressing the inevitable conflicts between business needs and people needs with solutions that keep the business moving toward excellent results while maintaining a motivated and productive workforce.

Before joining Proteus, Mike spent seven years as the Executive Vice President of HR for Activision—the most successful video game company in that rapidly growing industry, where he designed and built the entire HR function and led the company’s efforts in acquiring and integrating 10 other video game companies.

He has held executive positions in the consumer products, manufacturing, healthcare, and entertainment industries with Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo, General Motors, and Disney. Mike graduated with a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and holds a Masters of Industrial and Labor Relations degree from Cornell University.

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