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Senior Consultant
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Who is Debra

Debra is an experienced operator and strategy consultant, with more than 20 years’ experience in strategic planning and developing & implementing growth strategies.

Debra advises CEOs, Board members and senior executives on their strategic options, with an eye towards supporting them to create actionable and impactful action plans. An MBA and former management consultant with global experience, she excels at driving change and coaching teams and leaders to do the same within their own ecosystems. Having worked both within companies and as an advisor, she is expert at identifying obstacles and working with teams and leaders to develop collaborative practical plans to deliver results.

Debra has worked in a variety of settings, from technology start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in the SaaS Software, Information Services, Financial Services and Retail sectors. She began her career at the Monitor Company, and has held leadership roles at LexisNexis, American Express and most recently led Strategy & Operations at an EdTech SaaS company. She has worked with small and large business alike to grow revenue and drive customer acquisition and transform sales and marketing teams. She is a trusted advisor and partner to numerous CEOs and founders.

Debra earned her MBA at SDA Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, where she studied international business administration, with a specialization in the Fashion industry. She has her BA from Duke University, with a dual major in Economics & Comparative Areas Studies.

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