Sean Clinton Madison

Sean Clinton Madison


Who is Sean

Sean Clinton Madison is passionate about creating a powerful learner experience, whether working as a highly engaging facilitator or behind the scenes as a production manager for virtual or in-person events. 

Our consultants and clients count on Sean to get things done. He traces his work ethic to years spent in community theatre where success requires doing whatever is necessary to ensure that the show goes on—be that acting, designing, directing, or cleaning the toilets.

Taking that spirit to a corporate setting, he drove the ‘learning for all’ agenda for thousands of employees at Thomson Reuters. Sean brought virtual classes to the masses well before most people had heard of Zoom. He increased learner engagement, never went over budget, and introduced a variety of creative initiatives, including “learner as teacher.” 

Sean is a proud graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, finishing the last semester of his Sociology degree three decades after he started. He is the guy with the tie, owning over 800, and not wearing any tie twice until he has worn each tie once. In addition to a closet full of ties, he has a library full of alphabet books, five cats, two grown kids, and one devoted husband.

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